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AuteurAuteur: VnRuEn | PubliePublie: 4-10-2013, 15:06
Violet and Daisy (2011) LIMITED BluRay 1080p x264 - VETO

Violet and Daisy (2011) LIMITED 1080p BluRay x264-VETO
English | Subtitles: none
1hr 29mn | 1080p BluRay | 1920x808 | mkv @ 9148 Kbps | DTS @ 1598 Kbps | 6.55 GB
Genre(s): Action | Comedy | Crime | Drama | Thriller
IMDb Info

Two teenage assassins accept what they think will be a quick-and-easy job, until an unexpected target throws them off their plan.
AuteurAuteur: VnRuEn | PubliePublie: 4-10-2013, 15:02
Only God Forgives (2013) 1080p BluRay DTS x264 - MarGe

Only God Forgives (2013) BluRay 1080p DTS x264-MarGe
Language: English | Thai
1h 29mn | 1920 x 1 040 | x264 - 5 958 Kbps | 23.976 fps | DTS - 755 Kbps | 3.72 GiB
Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller

Julian, a drug-smuggler thriving in Bangkok's criminal underworld, sees his life get even more complicated when his mother compels him to find and kill whoever is responsible for his brother's recent death.
AuteurAuteur: VnRuEn | PubliePublie: 3-10-2013, 17:32
Death Race Inferno (2012) WEB-DL UNRATED XViD - PSiG
Death Race Inferno (2012) UNRATED WEB-DL XViD-PSiG
iMDB inFo
Language: English
1h 45mn | 640 x 352 | XviD - 927 Kbps | 23.976 fps | MP3 - 128 Kbps | 698 MiB
Genre: Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Convicted cop-killer Carl Lucas, aka Frankenstein, is a superstar driver in the brutal prison yard demolition derby known as Death Race. Only one victory away from winning freedom for himself and his pit crew, Lucas is plunged into an all-new competition more vicious than anything he has experienced before. Pitted against his most ruthless adversaries ever, Lucas fights to keep himself and his team alive in a race in South Africa's infernal Kalahari Desert. With powerful forces at work behind the scenes to ensure his defeat, will Lucas' determination to win at all costs mean the end of the road for him?
AuteurAuteur: VnRuEn | PubliePublie: 3-10-2013, 17:15
Some Girl (2013) WEBRip 720p x264 - Fastbet99
Some Girl(s) (2013) 720p WEBRip x264-Fastbet99
iMDB inFo
Language: English
1h 29mn | 1280 x 674 | x264 - 1 752 Kbps | 23.976 fps | AAC - 96.0 Kbps | 1.10 GiB
Genre: Comedy | Drama

Based on his play by the same name, Neil LaBute's script follows a successful writer who, on the eve of his wedding, travels across the country to meet up with ex-lovers in an attempt to make amends for past relationship transgressions. Crisscrossing from Seattle to Boston, he reunites with high school sweetheart Sam, sexually free-spirited Tyler, married college professor Lindsay, his best friend's little sister Reggie, and "the one that got away" Bobbi. A modern-day Candide stumbling through a landscape familiar to most men-messy breakups.
AuteurAuteur: pomposos | PubliePublie: 15-09-2013, 14:50

Aliens (DVD9)(1986)

YEAR 1986
DIRECTOR James Cameron
SCREENPLAY James Cameron (Story: James Cameron, David Giler, Walter Hill. Characters: Dan O'Bannon, Ronald Shusett)
MUSIC James Horner
CAST: Sigourney Weaver, Paul Reiser, Lance Henriksen, Michael Biehn, Bill Paxton, Carrie Henn, William Hope, Jenette Goldstein, Al Matthews, Mark Rolston, Ricco Ross
PRODUCER: 20th Century Fox / Brandywine Productions
AWARDS 1986: 2 Oscars: Visual Effects, Sound Effects. 5 nominations.
1986: Nominated for Golden Globe: Best Actress in a Drama (Sigourney Weaver).
1986: BAFTA: Best Visual Effects. 3 nominations.
GENDER Science fiction. Action | Aliens. Sequel. Movie cult
SYNOPSIS After wandering through space for several years, Ripley was rescued. During that time, the planet from Alien has been colonized. But suddenly, you lose communication with the colony and to investigate the reasons, it sends a Space Marine expedition, led by Ripley. Alli await thousands of creepy creatures. Alien has been reproduced and this time the struggle is for the survival of Humanity.

AuteurAuteur: pomposos | PubliePublie: 13-09-2013, 19:49

Alien (DVD9)(1979)

YEAR 1979
DIRECTOR Ridley Scott
Screenplay Dan O'Bannon
MUSIC Jerry Goldsmith
PHOTOGRAPHY & Denys Ayling Dereck Vanlint
CAST: Sigourney Weaver, John Hurt, Yaphet Kotto, Tom Skerritt, Veronica Cartwright, Harry Dean Stanton, Ian Holm
PRODUCER: 20th Century Fox / Brandywine Productions
GENDER Science fiction. Terror | Aliens. Space Adventure. Movie cult
SYNOPSIS Back to Earth, the cargo ship Nostromo interrupted his journey and awakens to its seven crew members. The central computer, MADRE, has detected a mysterious transmission unknown lifestyle, from a nearby planet. The ship then heads strange planet to investigate the origin of the communication

AuteurAuteur: pomposos | PubliePublie: 2-09-2013, 16:27
Berserk Golden Age Arc I (DVD9)(2012)

ORIGINAL TITLE Berserk Ogon Jidai-Hen I: Hao no Tamago (Berserk Golden Age Arc I: Egg of the Supreme Ruler)
YEAR 2012
Toshiyuki DIRECTOR Kubooka
Ichiro SCRIPT Okouchi (Comic: Kentaro Miura)
MUSIC Shiro Sagisu, Susumu Hirasawa
CAST Animation
PRODUCER Studio 4 ° C
AWARDS 2012: Sitges Festival: Nominated for Best animated movie
GENRE Animation. Adventure | Fantasy medieval. Film epic. sleeve
SYNOPSIS Based on a successful series that has been reflected as a manga series and a video game, the first part of Berserk comes finally to the public. Our hero is a warrior with sword in hand. Unbeatable, must deal with another fighter, hair and silver armor. Brimming with epic and action, Berserk will delight lovers of animation and those who do not understand the word "truce".

AuteurAuteur: VnRuEn | PubliePublie: 1-09-2013, 11:58

Bad Milo (2013) WEBRIP 720P XVID AC3 - MAJESTiC

Bad Milo (2013) 720P WEBRIP XVID AC3-MAJESTiC
2013 | 84 min | 2.66GB
Audio: ac3, 48000 Hz, 5.1, s16, 448 kb/s
Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 1280x688, 23.98 fps(r)
Genre : Comedy | Horror

A horror comedy centered on a guy who learns that his unusual stomach problems are being caused by a demon living in his intestines.
AuteurAuteur: VnRuEn | PubliePublie: 1-09-2013, 11:57
Bad Milo (2013) WEB-DL 720p x264 - Ganool
Bad Milo (2013) 720p WEB-DL x264-Ganool
Language: English
1h 24mn | 1280x688 | x264 - 920Kbps | 23.976fps | AAC - 64Kbps | 599MB
Genre: Comedy | Horror

A horror comedy centered on a guy who learns that his unusual stomach problems are being caused by a demon living in his intestines.
AuteurAuteur: VnRuEn | PubliePublie: 1-09-2013, 11:57
Backwards (2012) 720p WEB-DL x264 AAC - Ganool
Backwards (2012) WEB-DL 720p x264 AAC-Ganool
Language: English
1h 28mn | 1280 x 716 | x264 - 958 Kbps | 23.976 fps | AAC - 128 Kbps | 651 MiB
Genre: Romance | Sport

When a fiercely competitive 30 year old rower fails to make the Olympic boat for the second time, she takes a coaching job at a school but struggles to adjust to life off the race course.